Noterik BV

Noterik BV is an online video technology software company based in Amsterdam. Since 1996 Noterik is engaged in interactive and multimedia forms of communication. Noterik plays a leading role in the development of online video technology and won a number of awards in this field. During the United Nations ‘World Summit Award’ it won the product Governance Online or best practice award in the category E-government. In 2002 Noterik won the ‘TelewerkAspectPrijs’ for its contribution to the development of webcast software for e-learning. In 2003, 2004 and 2005 Noterik belonged to the Deloitte Technology FAST50, a group of 50 fastest growing technological companies in the Netherlands and Europe.
 Noterik has developed a platform architecture and implementation tool kit for storing and handling multimedia content that perfectly suited the needs of Bosnian Memories. This platform was used for the annotation of the metadata. Noterik also provided the basis for the search environment of the collection.

The experience of Noterik draws on previous similar projects. In 2005 Noterik started using the platform for “Living Memories”: an oral history project, which has been funded by the Foundation “Het Gebaar”. The main goal was to produce in-depth interviews with people on memories and experiences in Indonesia from the 1930′s up until 1962. The platform enables storing, elaboration of the content, streaming of the material. Currently it is also used by the “Jewish Historical Museum” for the elaboration of 5000 hour of the famous Spielberg collection. Noterik has been participating in various EU funded projects addressing a variety of topics relevant for the proposed project (VideoActive, TVBirth, etc.). Noterik has made the existing platform freely available to the project.