Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam is an international centre for critical thinking and academic training, driven by a strong focus on current social issues. Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam has bundled its education and research in three domains in which the university has a national and international reputation: (i) Economics and Management, (ii) Medicine and Health Sciences, and (iii) Law, Culture and Society.
The principal tasks of Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam are the generation and transfer of knowledge proceeding from a high degree of social engagement. To this end, the university pursues knowledge in an inquiring, critical, investigative and flexible manner, with a strong international orientation.
Two units have participated in Bosnian Memories: the Erasmus Studio and the Erasmus School of History, Culture & Communication.

Erasmus Studio runs an interdisciplinary research programme with as focal theme the new scholarly practices and novel sorts of knowledge acquisition facilitated by the new media and information technology. The kind of innovative historical investigations enabled by large size personal narratives, and in particular those available in multimedia formats, are considered an important thread for the envisaged research collaborations with the Erasmus School for History, Culture and Communication. A representative of this department was involved in monitoring the quality of the interviews and of the metadata.

Within the project Bosnian Memories, the ES was involved at two levels: it coordinated the management, financial and logistic aspects of the project, and at the conceptual level it functioned as an intermediate between the technical and content related partners. The long-term goal of the ES is to develop a multidisciplinary research agenda that connects information retrieval in spoken archives to the evolving discipline of Digital Humanities.