Center for Investigative Reporting (CIN)

The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIN) is based in Sarajevo and was established in October 2004 with the goal of producing investigative stories that are of interest to citizens of BiH. The team of journalists has extensive experience in interviewing and documenting under researched topics. Consequently the involvement of CIN in Bosnian Memories consisted in recruiting narrators, conducting interviews and collecting, transcribing and translating all relevant data.
In 2006 CIN was registered as a local independent Bosnian organization and local management was appointed. In the almost nine years of CIN’s existence, CIN has developed partnerships and good relationships with all major news outlets in the country, both in print and broadcast. Stories produced by CIN are regularly published throughout the country. CIN has been able to raise issues, put them on the media agenda and open a dialogue. Local media have regularly followed CIN’s stories and made them issues on the media agenda.
In 2007, CIN produced its first pilot documentary on food safety. Since then, CIN produced a number of TV documentaries and TV pieces that were broadcast on public TV stations in BiH reaching the whole country. Ratings were excellent and feedback from the stations was very positive on the quality of the stories