How to search the interview collection

Explanation is provided for the following topics:

  • Browsing
  • Play-out
  • Streaming settings
  • Subtitle selection
  • Searching


Currently there are 96 interviews online. The opening screen shows so-called ‘thumbnails’ (small screen image) for a first series of 16 videos. By clicking the arrows in the upper-left corner of the screen you can switch to the next series of videos (17- 32; 33-48, etc.) and back. The thumbnails show the name of the interviewee. They are sorted in alphabetic order (from A to Z)..



To watch an interview,  click on the thumbnail. The video will start at the beginning.

Streaming settings

selectQualityThe videos are stored in a data centre and streamed over Internet to your computer. To play a video, you need a good broadband connection. The higher your bandwidth, the better the quality of the video streaming. You can select the streaming quality via the lower-right button (see the figure to the left). If you select a high quality (for example 360p) and your Internet connection is not good enough, you will get a faltering video. In that case you should select a lower streaming quality (for example 180p). The system will remember the last setting.

Subtitle selection

ccSelectAll videos were recorded in the Bosnian language. They have been transcribed, and translated into English. These texts can be shown as subtitles in the video.  If you would like to see subtitles, first click the CC button in the lower-right corner and then select the required language (Bosnian or English).


You can search the subtitles by typing one or more words (for example Sarajevo) in the search field in the upper-right corner, followed by Return.


The system will show the following screen with 30 hits for the word ‘Sarajevo’. If the system finds 30 hits it means there are 30 different videos in which the word Sarajevo occurs at least once in the transcription and/or translation.

showSearchIn each thumbnail you see a number, indicating the number of times the word Sarajevo is present in that particular video. In the interview with Ljubisa Simovic the word Sarajevo occurs 13 times.

13HitsAfter a click on this thumbnail the system shows another 13 thumbnails, each representing a different interview fragment in which the word Sarajevo was used.


If you click on a thumbnail the corresponding fragment will be played. (See also the image below.)